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The Gluten Free Meal Co - $20 off first order

Product Description

Enjoy $20 off your first order - An Over60 exclusive offer. Plus free delivery on a order $70 or more (before $20 off).

This introductory promotional offer is only till the end of Nov. 2017

The Gluten Free Meal Co (the only Company endorsed by Coeliac Australia) is a proud family owned and operated business of over 18 years. We produced Top Quality meals for your entire family and friends can enjoy. Our meals can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who are perfectly healthy.

Enjoy $20 off your first order from a minimum order value of $70 (choose your selection online)

This means you pay only approximately $50 for 7 meals delivered free.

Simply "click" on the link provided, this will take you our website, browse, order then insert your exclusive offer code, check out and delivery will be made to your doorstep.  No Hassle.

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