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D.T. Brown - Salad Seed Pack

Product Description

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There's nothing better than a fresh summer salad from vegetables you have grown yourself! This combination of capsicums, spring onions, tomatoes and mixed lettuce leaves provide the basic ingredients for a delicious salad.

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  • Each packet includes easy to follow growing instructions.

4 x 5 packets (20 packs) of the most popular salad seeds. All you need for a healthy salad at your fingertips, includes:

  • 5 x Capsicums
  • 5 x Lettuces
  • 5 x Spring Onions
  • 5 x Cherry Tomatos

Seed Descriptions

Capsicum Sweet Delight

Capsicum annuum

A special 'surprise' mixture which includes red, green, yellow and even a few purple-brown fruiting plants. Diced and eaten raw in summer salads, or cooked in a variety of dishes, they'll really brighten up your diet!

When to plant: Late Winter to early Summer.

How to grow: Sow seeds in trays or pots of seed compost and firm in. Maintain at 18C (65F) or thereabouts, a warm windowsill often suits well. Plant out to 5in (12cm) pots when seedlings reach 2in (5cm) high. Plant the seedlings out under glass in October, or else harden off outdoors in December and plant in a warm sunny position. When the plants flower, apply a syringe of water to the flowers to assist setting. Feed regularly with liquid fertiliser. For best results, grow in an unheated frame or greenhouse or outdoors in a hot sunny area in rich soil.

Harvest: 10-16 weeks.

Lettuce Red and Green Salad Bowl

Lactuca sativa

This mixture will brighten up all your Summer salads with both red and green leaves. A crisp, tender, 'non-hearting' variety. The leaves can be picked a few at a time whenever they are required. Crops throughout Summer even in hot, dry weather and hardly ever bolts. Lettuces prefer a sunny position and fairly rich soil. The combination of red and green plants make an attractive and useful edging to the vegetable plot or even the flower garden. The packets contain equal quantities of each colour.

When to plant: Spring to Autumn (avoid the hottest months).

How to grow: Sow at two-weekly intervals for a continuous supply. Sow thinly 5mm (quarter-inch) deep in rows 25-30cm (10-12in) apart. Thin out to 20cm (8in) apart and keep well-watered. Provide occasional boosts with liquid fertiliser.

Harvest: 8-10 weeks.

Spring Onion All Year

Allium cepa

The salad onion everyone loves to grow and to eat. Quick growing, tasty and full of flavour. Young tender tops can be used like chives.excellent quality, fine flavoured bean that continues to crop over a long period. Particularly suited to later plantings as this is a good hot weather variety.

When to plant: All year.

How to grow: Dig small trenches 10cm wide and 5cm deep and place fertiliser along the sides of the trench. Refill trench and sow seed 6mm deep in the centre. Keep well watered and weed free, particularly in hot weather. Thinning is not necessary.

Harvest: 8-10 weeks.

Tomato Red Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

A heavy cropper of small bright red fruits that are mouth-wateringly sweet and juicy, and ideal for salads or pasta dishes. Allow to vine-ripen for best flavour. Requires staking.

When to plant: Late Winter to late Spring.

How to grow: Sow 0.5cm (0.25in) deep in pots or trays of seed raising mix, at approx. 18C (65F). When large enough to handle transfer to 7.5cm (3in) pots, reduce to approx 16C (60F). Transfer to the greenhouse border or harden off and plant out from late October. Keep well watered. Once the first truss has set, apply liquid feed fortnightly. Support with canes, pinch out sideshoots and limit to 4-5 trusses per plant, or grow unsupported in large containers which keep trusses clear of the ground, do not pinch out sideshoots.

Harvest: 14-16 weeks.

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